3 ways technology can help you take control of your projects

3 ways technology can help you take control of your projects

One of the most common mistakes that can lead to an unsuccessful project is a failure to keep control. Technology ensures you can see all your information at anytime from anywhere. This contributes to the success - and profitability of a project.

It can:



1) Instil building blocks to track time and workforce arrangements

One way technology achieves this is via electronic finance systems and timesheets.

For example, employees are now able to complete timesheets online. And more importantly, do this in real-time rather than filling in a paper version at the end of a busy work week. Employees can record purchase orders and invoices, as well as tracking project changes daily.


2) Provide real-time information to alert the business when things are going wrong

Review and react instantly by changing tactics or strategy if necessary. Easily explain changes and represent progress reports or results to customers or clients.


3) Help business be more responsive

Mobile technology means workers can become increasingly field-based. It means paper documents become a thing of the past. For example, mobile phones can capture the time committed to a certain project. They can approve invoices, revise a timesheet or record a travel expense on the fly.

Technology is removing the constraints for project managers.  Sharing real-time business insights allows people to track projects and change course where necessary. This creates both time and cost efficiencies. It means the business can operate and grow on a grow on a global scale.